Maximize the learning opportunities with your ActivTable

The Promethean ActivTable Activity Builder, a FREE web-based application, provides educators the tools they need to create their own engaging, interactive multi-user activities to be used on the ActivTable. The Activity Builder expands the opportunities for student collaboration on the ActivTable by providing teachers the tools to customize activities based on students’ needs and learning objectives. Engage your students by creating activities that make them active participants – from building a world history timeline to labeling the human skeleton.

Select a starter activity

Choices include sequencing, sorting and categorization, labeling, timelines and pairing

Customize your lesson

Modify an activity to support your daily instruction

Let your students lead

When they are collaborating together they are achieving together

Key Features:

  • Save time and resources – Access this web-based, intuitive application from your computer to create, modify and save your customized activities.
  • Maximize your existing content – Import your existing lesson materials to create activities or use the pre-loaded library images.
  • Provide the right tools at the right time – For each activity, customize the resources that appear in students’ tool bar.
  • Create feedback opportunities – Allow students to check their answers to get real-time feedback during the activity.

See what others say about ActivTable and ActivTable Activity Builder

"I really like the Activity Builder it was easy to follow and really quick. It was good to have lots of stock images, backgrounds, etc. to use, and I think the table preview was really good, too!" – Sarah Wright, Teacher at St. Helens

As part of the School of the Future program we visited John Adams Middle School to find out what teachers and students think of their new ActivTables. Amazing to see how quickly they integrated the ActivTable into their daily instruction!

Activity Builder at a glance:

  • Ready made activity templates
  • Multiple activity samples for each template
  • Easy modification of sample activities
  • Easy to follow wizard style process
  • Save and share your activities
  • Add your own style, content and tools
  • No installation required
  • Cloud based, anywhere access
  • Activity scoring and feedback
  • 100% Free to Use

Starter Activity Example

Create your own activities using the ActivTable Activity Builder.

Check out the Quick Start Guide!